Dementia or Alzheimer'sIs it simply forgetting as we get older?  Is it early-onset dementia?  Is it Alzheimer’s?  The first question we ask when elderly folks begin to forget.

Robin Gail provides a personal look inside the daunting reality of the onset of dementia and progression into its most common form, Alzheimer’s.  Other forms include frontotemporal dementia and Lewy body dementia as well as vascular dementia.  She has shared her effective methods that assisted her and her husband in the home care they provided for her beloved mother.

This enlightening book will help you accept and navigate the issues and difficult decisions caregivers face on a daily basis.  You will discover the importance of entering your loved one’s new reality while providing them with compassionate care and unconditional love as you honor their life.

There can be immense moments of joy, countless good times and wonderful memories made as you travel this journey with your loved one.