These are the easiest resolutions ever!  So you want to lose 50 pounds?  Or is it 10 pounds?  This year, think positive!  Set yourself up for success instead of failure.
Write down your goals.  Then, as you succeed at one, scratch it off the list.  Like a bucket list of resolutions.  Tell a close friend your goals.  This helps to keep you accountable.  After all, you don’t want to let a friend down!Be at Your Best
The best way to achieve your goals is to make them achievable.  It’s almost impossible to lose 50 pounds.  But it’s totally achievable to lose 10 pounds.  You could start there and go on to the next 10 pounds.
If you start with smaller resolutions, then move up to a bigger one (if you want to), you’ll have a greater chance of succeeding.  And success is such an awesome feeling!
  1. Spring cleaning is coming.  Make a resolution to declutter, and donate the stuff you do not use or need.  This helps so many people who may need help.  Look on Facebook for groups who are in need of items.  Donate.  To know you are helping others in need is the best feeling in the world!  Want To Declutter And Get Organized? Let Me Help You With These Amazing Tips!
  2. How about no more excuses?  Make a resolution to get rid of the flimsy excuses not to do something (like the no-good excuse to not see your Mom and Dad)?  Or the excuses we all make not to lose weight?  We all know that excuses are the easy way out.  Let’s not do the easy way anymore.
  3. Another one we all do….complain.  A resolution to complain less is so achievable.  Try not to even complain to yourself (self-talk).  Doesn’t even take much effort.  Self-talk is super important!  Stop letting your inner critic take over.  Or how about this?  Every time you feel a complaint coming on, think about one thing you have to be grateful for.  Works every time.
  4. Stock up on patience.  Hard to do, I know.  We want it right now!  We want someone to answer us right now!  Well, from personal experience, let me tell you that if we exhibit more patience, our stress levels would dramatically go down!
  5. Another biggie?  Procrastination.  I usually say “always put off till tomorrow what you could’ve done today.”  But everyone knows I am making a joke.  Do it today because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.
  6. Let’s choose to eat a bit more healthy this next year.  We can do it!  Even cutting out one or two “bad” things a week will help.  Drink less Cokes.  Cut out as much sugar as possible  (well, you know, within reason).  You don’t have to eat salads, broccoli, or spinach.  Just try to cut out a few of the bad choices.  Another option is to eat healthy during the week and slip up a bit on the weekends.  Good idea, huh?  Bottom line is to replace unhealthy eating habits with good eating habits (or better ones).self-improvement
  7. Start working out.  Not necessarily to lose weight but to get those muscles toned up.  They say muscle weighs more than fat anyway.  So how about working out and get some muscles?  Even a tiny bit of lifting light weight is excellent for muscle tone and bone density.
  8. Oh, no, here comes a hard one!  Less social media.  Put that phone down and really be present with the person speaking to you (especially a spouse, just sayin’).  Aim to cut down 15 minutes a day of checking all the social stuff.  Bet you won’t miss it a bit!
  9. You cannot go wrong by adopting a furry little friend from a shelter!  There is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet.  Even if you’ve never had a pet, I promise you will love a dog/cat more than you ever thought possible.  The joy they bring is immeasurable!
  10. Now this could be a hard one!  Clean up your debt and don’t get back in it!  Pay off those extremely high interest rate credit cards.  Keep your money rather than giving it to someone else.  If you have a monthly payment on credit card debt, pay an extra $10, even $20 a month on that debt, reduce it quicker, and don’t charge anything else on credit cards.  Oh, my, how good you will feel!  Credit is one of the most important things as an adult.  Without it, it is difficult to own very much of anything.  The Ultimate List of Money Saving Tips
  11. So it’s time for an easy one.  Figure out something you love to do and make it a hobby this year.  Relaxing could add years to your life!  Golf, scrapbooking, playing piano, reading.  Whatever you think you can enjoy making a hobby, do it!  Great stress reducer too!
  12. Another easy one!  Make a resolution (commitment) to drink more water this year.  How can you not like it?  It has no taste!  And the benefits of water are astronomical!  If you want to add a little taste to it, add a lemon or lime.  It is so refreshing!  Rather than grabbing that Coke at work, grab a bottle of water.  Or take a glass to work, leave it in your desk and fill it with water during your workday.  Very cleansing and super good for you!
  13. Another beneficial tip is to create a gratitude journal.  Might take two or three minutes to write down what you are grateful for every day.  Who doesn’t have that kind of time?  There is always something to be grateful for, even the little things!
  14. Start a savings account (only if you do not have large credit card debt because you need to pay that off first).  Never pay anyone interest if you can keep from it.  Even if you save 5% or 10% of your income every month, it will add up to an amazing amount.  Heck, save even 3%!  You will be surprised at what you will be able to save every year.  Come on, you can do it!  I would advise anyone to speak to a financial advisor.  Just a one-time appointment is all you need.  Clean up your financial world!  You’ll sleep better at night.  Promise!
  15. Reconnect with those long lost friends or relatives.  Holding grudges only eats away at YOUR health, not theirs.  Forgive and move on.  Some people believe they never make a mistake, but the reality is there is not a single person who does not make mistakes.  We are all just perfectly imperfect!
  16. This may be a hard one due to time constraints.  But the reward is awesome.  Volunteer once a month for something, anything.  Start a clean-up project in your neighborhood.  How about a neighborhood watch volunteer once a month?  Volunteer at a food bank or a local charity.
  17. This is a resolution that may not be feasible for everyone.  But I did it, and I am so glad I did.  When I became a court reporter, I worked for a court reporting firm for one year.  Then I started my own business.  I hated paying a firm 25% of what I made.  So after one year of that, I took a leap of faith and started my own (very successful) court reporting business.  Kept it for 30 years before I couldn’t take hearing people argue anymore.
    If at all possible, my advice would be to start your own business. You might be amazed at the information you can glean on-line about starting your own business.  It is definitely a leap of faith, but without faith, what do we have?  Do not get me wrong!  I would not quit my 9:00-5:00 job to start a business.  Do not advocate that AT ALL.  But being your own boss is unequal to anything job-wise.
    Get on-line and get that information about being your own boss!  You may be glad you did!  But please, for the sake of all things self-employed, DO NOT go into debt to be self-employed.  Don’t do it.  I promise you will be sorry!
  18. Another excellent resolution to begin (or continue) in 2019….If you are trying to further your career but you have a family of little ones that make this difficult, try taking a night class, maybe just one night a week.  Or take on-line courses.  I have a relative who obtained a BS degree taking on-line courses while taking care of four children, all at home.  It is possible to further your career by staying up a little later at night and taking those on-line courses.  What an accomplishment!
  19. Please, for the love of all people and things you love, do not text and drive.  Need I say more?  Make it a resolution (commitment)!  Please.
  20. If we could all do this one, the entire world would be a much better place.  Every now and then just pay it forward.  Just remember the next time something good happens to you to pay it forward.  You will be blessed beyond measure!
  21. I’m not going to say much about quitting smoking because we all know what a great New Year’s resolution that is.  Many people make that resolution every single year.  But please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor…if you make that resolution, keep it!  Your loved ones will be so glad you did.  And I promise you will feel so much better physically.  I have never been a smoker, but I have witnessed firsthand through my loved ones the possible ramifications of it.  Again, please do your loved ones (and you) a favor, and just don’t do it.
  22. Another biggie and a great resolution!  Make it a point to not let your past ruin your future!  Get the skeletons out!  There is not a person living who does not have skeletons.  Don’t let yours ruin your future.  Everyone deserves a second chance, maybe even a third or fourth.  Go for it.  Mend those fences.  The day will come, I promise it will come, when you will wish you had.
  23. Last, but definitely not the least.  If you keep even one of these resolutions and commitments, give yourself credit, pat yourself on the back, and be grateful for your strength and perseverance!  But please do not belittle yourself if you did not make it.  Just try again.  Put a smile on that face!