I’m always grateful when I open my eyes in the morning. It means I have been given another day. There is always the potential for something wonderful and exciting to happen every single day. And it always does.  Now that is a reason to celebrate!

In today’s world where screens seem to be the norm, gratitude is shown in the form of the written word, if at all.  Busyness has taken over, so we use some impersonal form of communicating, like Siri, to send a thank-you to someone.  Our daily responsibilities leave us forgetting to realize how blessed we truly are.

We all know that people who think positive and who are grateful are happier.  We all have our bad days, but use your self-talk to make it a better day.  “I cannot believe I had a car accident.  But I am so grateful no one was injured.”  Only you control your thought patterns.  Make them good ones!

I find the things I am most grateful for are not things at all. Something as simple as a loving gesture from a friend makes me beam.

Life can sometimes be difficult, making it hard to feel grateful. We say we are thankful for this or that, but we just don’t seem to act in a grateful manner.  Form a habit of appreciation, even when life throws you a curveball.  You will experience more happiness, inner peace, and feel more optimistic about life in general.   You may see improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.

If we put a sincere effort into finding it, there is always a reason to be grateful.  And usually, we don’t have to look far to find it. Ways to feel gratitude or show gratitude:

  1. Give someone a sweet smile or a sense of encouragement. Be grateful for the kindness they show. There are so many wonderful people in the world!

  2. Write in your Gratitude Journal every day. If you feel your sense of being thankful diminishing, pick up that journal and read through some of the entries.

  3. Friends & family are the best.  Treat them that way.

  4. A beautiful, free country is such a blessing.

  5. Great careers are something few people realize how fortunate they are to have.

  6. Say thank-you over and over every day.  Most people love to hear that they’re appreciated.  Something as simple as a verbal thank-you can make someone’s day complete, not to mention how good it will make you feel.

  7. Isn’t nature beautiful?  Sometimes I love to sit in our backyard and realize how grateful I am for the trees, flowers, and birds.  It is amazing to see a seed I’ve planted grow into a breathtaking flower.  Or see those bird eggs turn into tiny, transparent baby birds and then turn into bigger birds and watch them fly away.

  8. Rather than texting a thank-you or Instagramming a thank-you, write a personal note to someone.  Who doesn’t love to receive mail that is something besides an advertisement or a bill?  Who doesn’t love a handwritten note?

  9. Pay it forward.  We all know what that is!  This unexpected kindness is a surefire way to make someone feel better and also to feel better about yourself!

  10. Put your phone down and be present in the moment with the person talking to you.  What a simple way to show someone you care!  You may find your happiness exponentially increasing!

  11. Find a way to volunteer, even if it’s just an hour a week.  You will feel so good about yourself and will likely make someone’s day.

  12. Want to reduce someone’s stress?   Give them a huge hug!  There are those who do not like hugs, too close for them.  Give them one anyway!  Affection is a universal need we all have.

  13. Be grateful for your struggles because without them, you would not know the depth of your strength!

  14. Always be grateful for miracles.  They are everywhere!

  15. Is a dirty house stressing you out?  You can even be grateful for that because it means you have a roof over your head.  There are those that do not.

  16. Aren’t animals the joy of the world?!  So grateful for their unconditional love!  Donate to a pet shelter.  No doubt they’ll appreciate it!

  17. One of the greatest ways to show gratitude is to say you’re sorry whenever you need to.  And accept an apology whenever you receive one.

  18. Donate your gently used items, clothes, toys, shoes to those that need them.

  19. When you eat at a restaurant, rather than asking to speak to the manager to complain about your server, ask to speak to the manager to tell them what a fabulous server you had, what a great job they did.

  20. One of my favorites is to offer to take someone’s buggy into the store after they’ve unloaded their groceries when I am headed in from the parking lot.  People are sometimes so shocked!

  21. For no reason at all, other than gratitude, put together a care package for a service member and either mail it to them or put it on their front porch.

  22. Donate food to a food drive.  What a great way to show thankfulness for the food you have on your own table.

  23. To show your gratitude to a friend or loved one, send them a simple text or handwritten note telling them how thankful you are for them.

  24. In addition to writing in your Gratitude Journal, make a long list of things you are grateful for.  Keep a copy in your car, in your purse, in your wallet.  When life overwhelms you, pull that list out and remind yourself how blessed you are.

All the best!